Spiritual gifts are divine enablement’s for the ministry characteristics of Jesus Christ that are to be manifest through the body corporate just as they were manifested through Jesus’ body incarnate. Each gift the Holy Spirit now gives to believers had its perfect expression in Jesus’ own life and ministry. Tragically, Some members of the church at Corinth apparently became so fleshly and confused, and their worship so paganized and frenzied, that they even allowed the Lord to be cursed within their own congregation. In 1 Corinthians 12:3 Paul gives two doctrinal tests for the validity of the gifts as they are displayed in the church. First, a negative test, “No man speaking by the Spirit of Good calls Jesus Accursed” To say that Jesus is accursed is to condemn His nature, Character, teaching, or work. For example, to deny the deity of Christ, or the reality of the resurrection is to call Jesus a liar, and therefore, accursed. Second, is a positive test, which is the opposite of the negative one. But notice something very important “No man can say that Jesus is the Lord, BUT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT” (Emphasis mine). True confession for salvation, comes based on true faith, of which obedience to the Word of God is the true mark. The lordship, deity, and sovereignty of Christ was and is central to the true faith, and such affirmation is the work of the Spirit. Therefore, we must ALWAYS compare a teaching or practice with God’s Word. A Christian today cannot receive new revelation. The only way to be sure if something is spiritual is to be sure it is scriptural. The attack of the church today, is seen in that many people claim to do a work for God, but the work that is being done is for self (which is the ultimate form of idolatry). We must be willing to submit to the direction of the Holy Spirit, who will only bring us back to the truth of God’s Word.