God often leads us, helps, us or warns us by working through other Christians, through ordinary circumstances or through natural laws. but a miracle is an act of God that is contrary to the ordinary working and laws of nature, an act that only He could accomplish by overruling nature an that could not otherwise occur through any circumstances. During the days of early church, God used this gift to validate the message that was being preached. Even Jesus, only used his miracles to validate his message, and to demonstrate that the words He spoke were from God. Jesus nor his apostle ever preformed miracles to draw attention to themselves,, many times they told those who received those miracles not to tell anyone what had happened. Today, those who claim to have the power of miracles advance that their power is determined by our faith. Our faith in never in the power of the Word of God to transform our hearts and minds, but our faith is to be in the “healers” ability to do the work that they claim to do. As a result the “failure” of the healing, is on the recipient not the giver. B.B. Warfield wrote, “The miraculous gifts were part of the credentials of the apostles, as authoritative agents of God in founding the church. Their function confined them distinctly to the apostolic church, and they necessarily passed away with it.” .What does this mean to us today? Let me suggest three things” First, we can trust the Word of God as it was delivered in days of old by the power of God. Second, it is a reminder to us of the compassion and power of God to transform lives. And third, miracles are a validation of the ministry of the apostles, and the establishment of a mystery to the nation of Israel, which is the church. God places us into a church to be the salt and light of the world, influencing the world by the truth of God’s Word. May each believer recognize their role, and responsibility in their local church, today, and begin serving.