Like its Hebrew equivalent (naba), the Greek verb behind prophecy (propheteuw) simply means, “to speak forth, or to proclaim.” The connotation of prediction was added sometime in the middle ages, and although many of the prophets of old made predictions, that was not their basic ministry. God revealed a great deal of His word through the prophets, but much of their ministry was simply proclaiming, expounding, and exhorting with revelation already given. A prophet of God, therefore, is simply one who speaks froth God’s Word, and prophecy is the proclaiming of that Word. The gift of prophecy is the Spirit-given and Spirit empowered ability to proclaim the Word of God effectively. Believers today with the gift of prophecy are empowered to speak forth not according to their personal subjective faith but according to God’s already revealed objective Word of God. Prophecy can never deviate from the Word of God as it is written, in the Bible as he gift of prophecy is the Spirit’s special enablement of a Christians to testify of Jesus Christ. What is the value of this gift to the Church? Paul will record in 1 Corinthians 14, that prophecy is important to the church, because it brings edification and exhortation and comfort to men. What greater gift can we give to anyone but the help and hope provided through the Word of God.