I Corinthians 13 is sandwiched in between two chapters that Paul discusses the importance of Spiritual gifts. Chapter 12 is a general overview, and then in Chapter 14 Paul centers in on the gift that the church was abusing the most – Tongues. Chapter 13 reminds us that whatever gift we use must be used in Love. (We will talk about that passage in a couple weeks), in 1 Corinthians 14, begins a section dealing with their lack of love in seeking a showy gift. The use of tongue (singular) and tongues (plural), where Paul seems to be talking about two distinct types of activities that are taking place. The church at Corinth was practicing a type of tongue (singular), which differed from the gift of tongues (plural) that the Spirit of God, gives to the church. In the city of Corinth the temple worship practiced speaking to the gods, by a tongue (singular) that only the gods themselves could understand. This tongue was brought about by emotional services in which at times the participants would become so involved that they would chant incoherently until they would drop into an unconsciense state. Paul starts 1 Corinthians 14 by reminding us two things, first Love is to be the motive for any gift we use in the church, and second, all gifts are giving for the church, not for the individual. It is against this backdrop that Paul teaches three basic truths in this chapter, first tongues are secondary to prophecy (v1-19), Their purpose was a sign to unbelievers (v20-25), and the use of tongues in the church was to be systematic and orderly. Our goal for today is to remember that our gifts are not given for our benefit, but the benefit of the church. Use your gifts to enhance the ministry of your local church.