Paul starts out his discussion on Tongues VS Prophecy by saying that we should pursue love as our primary objective in the life of the church. Lovelessness was by far the church at Corinth’s greatest problem. Love is no substitute for other virtues, but it is the great motivator of good works. They were right to desire spiritual gifts, but their concern should have been for using those gifts for the body not for their own self-exaltation. He reminds them that the most significant gift to the church was prophecy, because it could do what tongues could not. Prophecy could enlighten the church as a whole. What is the benefit of a “gift” if it only exalted the user, and even then brought that user no true spiritual understanding or strength. He reminds us that Prophecy is constructive (v3a), Convicting (3b) and consoling (v3c). Always remember that spiritual gifts are meant to accomplish something spiritually and practically worthwhile, and are always meant to be of benefit to others. The people of Corinth were so intent on speaking to God in a way that he could understand, that they forgot, that He is the creator of language, and wants us to communicate with Him so that we can understand. Our worship should not be a frenzied emotionalism, which may make us “feel” better but provides us with no hope or help. Our worship must be directed to teach and instruct us in how to live in a way that brings honor and glory to our God.