Love is not a magic key that we use to unlock every opportunity and guarantee every endeavor. It is not a spiritual formula that, when faithfully applied, automatically fulfills our desires., However, whenever and wherever we are successful in our living and ministering, it will always be through love. Because love does not overpower human will, we cannot always accomplish our purposes, no matter how loving, spiritual, and selfless we may be. 1 Corinthians 13:8 is not speaking of love’s successes or failure, but of its enduring qualities, and its permanence as a divine quality. Love cannot fail because it shares God’s nature and God’s eternity. Love never fails in the sense that it outlasts any failures, and is the supreme characteristic of life that God gives, since love is the supreme characteristic of God Himself. In heaven we not only will have no more need for faith and hope, but love will truly be the motive for all we say and do. Remember, the two greatest commands that God has given is to love God, and to love others. . . how are you doing today? It is never to late to incorporate these principles into your life.