Ephesians 5:18-21 reminds us to be “filled with the Spirit” and o be filled with the Holy Spirit is to live in the consciousness of the personal presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, as if we were standing next to Hi, and to let His mind dominate our life. This means that we walk in the Spirit thought by thought, decision by decision, act by act. Our flesh is the beachhead of sin, the yet unredeemed part of hour humanness that is exposed to and inclined toward sin. Not to be filled with the Spirit is to fall back into “the deeds of the flesh”. We do not have to consciously choose to do the deeds of the flesh, if we are not living under the control of God’s Word and Spirit, the deeds of the flesh are the only things we can do, because the flesh is the only resource we have in ourselves. Our sole defense against the negative power f temptation, sin, and Satan is the positive power of the Spirit, as we put in practice the clear instruction of the Word of God. When we surrender to the control of the holy Spirit, we find Him producing amazing things in us, things which are entirely of His doing. To walk in the Spirit then is to fulfill the ultimate potential and capacity of our life on earth as God’s children. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life to manifest His power.