This work of the Holy Spirit continues to be misunderstood, and abused in Christian circles today. Many people teach that this is the enabling of the Spirit to assist the believer to do some special and miraculous event. But this is not the definition of the baptism of the Spirit. The simple definition of the Baptism of the Spirit is the work of God that brings us into a unique relationship with Christ at our conversion. The purpose of the baptism is to bring the new convert into the body of Christ, and there is no second blessing, or any interval of time that falls between regeneration and this baptism. We do not need to pray for the baptism of the Spirit, as God does this immediately upon our turning from sin to God. This indwelling presence of the Spirit cleanses us of our sin, and enables us to stand before the Lord. The righteousness of Christ is placed upon us as a result of this work of God. What does this mean for us today? We can rest in the presence of God knowing that we are received, because we are brought into our relationship through the Work of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.