When we speak of being made in the image of God it is not just our looks or our physical make up that are like God. As humans we are God’s counterpart in that God gave humanity total dominion over the earth. God created humans with a freedom of choice to make the decisions necessary to have this dominion. Sin has tempted us to use that privilege of dominion for selfish pleasure. Personal communion with God is what being made in the image of God is all about. It is a relationship in which we become God’s counterpart, His representative and His glory to the earth. It is our duty as His counterparts to figure out how God would act in our place. When God gave humans dominion over the world, He gave us the earthshaking power and freedom to shape our world. We have been charged with the care of creation, and charged with the opportunity and responsibility to act like God acts in creation. . . to use our gifts, energy, wisdom, strength, and creativity .. to benefit God’s creation. Today people are not making decisions to better humanity or creation, but rather to protect their own self-interest. Don’t think for a moment that God is not going to judge us for our inhumanity to those made in His image.