While man has fallen and is guilty of sin, he has not lost his ability to have dominion over the world that God has created for him. We have done some amazing things in the last 100 years:
We have devised technology that has allowed us to cultivate only a fraction of the earth’s potential farmland and still grow enough crops to feed the world.
– We have traveled to the moon and back
– We have developed amazing communications networks.
– We are able to travel across vast continents by air in a few hours.
– We have build dams to create large reservoirs for power, and entertainment.
– We have developed medical technology that has prolonged life.
Even in man’s fallen state, the human being is a wonderful creature, still endued with the image of his Maker.
That is why God sees us as worthwhile redeeming, this is why He sent His only Son to die for our sins! Christ is able to do what fallen man has been unable to do. He has destroyed all the power of the devil (1 John 3:8). That victory was already sealed when Christ rose from the dead, and all we ae now doing is simply awaiting it’s culmination. It is this privilege that makes us so special and unique in the creation of God. And just think, in the midst of all this, God knows our names, and has a place for us in His kingdom!