The first area of we must learn to control if we are to develop Biblical value judgments is inaccurate perceptions. This has to do with the accuracy of our perceptions about ourselves. The effects of sin on our minds hinder us from interpreting life from God’s point of view naturally. We must overcome those inferiority judgments with the assistance of Scripture. We must never look for some mystical power in that Scripture, but the power of the Word of God is seen in the application of the truth in our thinking. It takes hard work to reprogram how we think, and this is not “mind over matter” but rather learning to live and walk in the power of the Spirit of God to transform our minds. Before we come to Christ our assessment of ourselves in based on what our peers say and think about us. Yet the reality is that as a believer we need to understand that we are created in the Image of God, and therefore, have value no matter what those around us may think. Everyone has value from the newly conceived child, to the oldest person, age does not determine our value, God does. And the fact that we are alive makes us valuable to our world and our culture. It is true that most of us will never impact our world in a significant enough way to be remembered for in history. But we must recognize that what is important is not whether the world knows us, but does God know who we are?! I will share a few ways tomorrow that we can combat inaccurate perceptions, but for today, remember, you have tremendous value to the people around you, whether they recognize that value or not. You are not perfect, but then again neither are they. Don’t allow other people to determine your value, allow God to demonstrate your importance to this world.