Nothing encourages a Christian as much as he knowledge that despite life’s uncertainties and difficulties, and no matter how many spiritual defeats there may be along the way, one day they will be made perfect. It is easy for us to become discouraged when we focus on our problems and imperfections, yet we need to remember the words of Philippians 1:6 to be reminded that God is doing something in our lives. Anticipation, is a big part of the excitement that it is to have relationships that bring hope and perspective in our lives. It starts with God and then moves to those who have impacted our lives. Who has impacted your life over the last year? Perhaps you can be an encouragement to them, and let them know that impact. We do not do what we do in order to be recognized, but recognition is a great way to encourage others. Take a moment and call, text, or send a card to someone to encourage them for their impact in your life.