What are the benefits of reading the Word of God? First, it is the source of truth (John 17:17) People today look everywhere for answers to life, to try to find out what is worth believing and what is not. The source of all truth about God and man, life and death, time and eternity, damnation and salvation, is all found in God’s own word!. Another benefit is It is the true source of happiness (Luke11:28). No person can be happier than when they discover, accept and obey the Word of God. It gives hope and perspective in the midst of all troubles and trials of life. It also gives direction in our lives (Psalm 119:105). What a privilege it is that God has revealed to us how to serve and please Him. Understanding the Word of God gives us that insight. The final thing I will mention is that it is the source of victory over our great spiritual enemy – Satan!. Matthew 4 gives us a clear picture of how Jesus gained victory over Satan in his temptation in the wilderness. In all three temptation, Jesus, demonstrated His submission to God, by quoting from the Word of God the passages that ruled his heart and conscience. We need to spend time in the Word of God so that we, too, can stand firm in our faith.