What Identifies us as followers of Jesus Christ? Is it the way we cut our hair? How about the way we dress? External displays of loyalty to Christ are not necessarily wrong, but they also do not guarantee that we are believers. The reality is that it is not an external mark that designates us as followers of Jesus Christ, it is the internal attitudes of the heart, that make us His followers! Love for God is most clearly demonstrated not through lip service, but through our obedience to what He asks of us. What makes false disciples so difficult to detect is that they often have outward trappings of genuine disciples, remember the rich young ruler of Matthew 19:16-21 was outwardly moral, but had no relationship with Christ. Beginning in John 13:31 and running through the end of chapter 16, Jesus gave a farewell address to the 11 disciples, and in John 13:31-38 the LORD highlights a premier mark of those who are His true disciples, namely, sincere, selfless, love. This passage emphasizes the supreme standard of that love by focusing on the person and work of Christ Himself. These verses illustrate the quality of love that is to characterize those who call themselves His disciples. With this in mind, evaluate your heart and ask, “Does my heart lead me to manifest that I love God and my neighbor?”