Only After Judas left, did the Lord begin His farewell address to the 11 remaining apostles. In John 13:31-33 we have the profound expression of Christ’s love where He makes 3 statements regarding the glory, which He would soon resume:1. “Now the Son of Man is glorified” – This refers to His death on the cross the next day.2. “God is glorified in Him” – Through the cross, God’s glorious nature was supremely put on display. 3. “If God is glorified in Him, God will also glorify Him in Himself” – This phrase looks beyond he cross to Jesus’ exaltation to the Father’s right hand. The Lord could say that the Father would “glorify Him immediately” because His resurrection and ascension would shortly follow the cross. But Jesus’ glorification meant that He would have to leave the disciples – a truth that they found difficult to understand and accept. Knowing that He would soon leave them was both painful and frightening for them. Yet Jesus’ death was both necessary and the most loving act Christ could perform on their behalf. It is this infinite expression of Love that undergirds the Lord’s subsequent command: There are times when we feel that the Lord has left us alone, and we need to understand that during those moments, God has a greater eternal plan, than our immediate comfort. God has a plan and purpose in all that He does, and He will reveal that loving plan as we move forward in our lives. Trust Him today with all that He is doing.