Guilt is a giant with interesting powers. This giant is the most invisible, but the heaviest one of all. There are people all around us who are being slowly crushed, and suffocated by the giant of guilt. Three are many stories that could be told, and you could add to the list, but I believe the most powerful one of all is the account of David with his sin against Bathsheba, and murder of her husband. When Nathan the prophet confronted him for his sinful choices, we see David repenting and turning to the Lord. Psalm 32 and 51 give us a picture of that repentance, and how He overcomes his pain of guilt. Allow me to give you four points from Psalm 51 to help you overcome guilt in your life, and find the peace that God offers:

1. Removing Sin (Psalm 51:2 Only Go0d can wash the filth deep within our hearts.

2. Restoring Joy (Psalm 51:8,12) David here doesn’t ask for His salvation to be restored; what he wants back is the joy of his salvation. as a believer we cannot lose our salvation, but we can certainly lose the fringe benefits of our salvation.

3. Renewing Fellowship ({Psalm 51:11) Imagine being cast away from the presence of God. David pleads with God not to remove God’s anointing from him to do the work He has called him to do.

4. Refocusing on the Future (Psalm 51:12) David is asking God to bolster him in the future, to help him learn from his tragic mistakes.

Guilt is a giant of terrible weight, but once the burden of that weight is lifted from our shoulders, we will be able to live in the freedom of the truth, which will allow us to enjoy the life God grants us, with a right attitude, and right actions.