An honorable life is a precarious thing, constructed throughout a lifetime by the bricks of integrity and the mortar of self-control. From the outside, it appears sturdy enough to withstand a tempest. But the weak spots are found within; and it can all come toppling down in one weak moment. An honorable life is not built on the shoulders of any of us, it is built upon the foundation of our Faith in Jesus Christ. We should never be surprised when temptation knocks at the door of the church. That is Satan’s most strategic target. He hammers at the past, the deacons, and the other church leaders, then he hammers at the ordinary Christians who sit in the pews and attempts to seek godly lives. We admire and aspire to be like the first Christians, but they struggled just as we do. For evidence of that we need only open our Bibles to 1 Corinthians. There we find the story of a church plagued by moral failure – a church filled with men and women who didn’t know when to walk away. Here we a pattern for overcoming temptation in chapter 10 verses 12-14. Take time to read and consider these words today, and begin to learn how to overcome temptation and live an honorable life.