Corporate prayer is more than a time when we get together to refresh our spirit and soul. It is more than a time to fellowship with other believers. Times of corporate prayer in church is designed to be the heart beat of the church. Nothing truly happens in the power of the Lord that is not first bathed in prayer. Prayer is so much more than just talking to God – it is the breath of the believer and the hope of the church. Without prayer, churches will choke out, and die. We must not be afraid or ashamed to pray, for it unleashes the power of God in our lives and in our community. We need to make an effort to come together and pray for the needs of the body, and for wisdom to serve the Lord that we love. Not satisfied with your prayer life? Expose yourself to others who pray, and learn how to they pray As you read your Bible look at the prayers outlined in Scripture and model your prayers after them. Remember to make prayers person, and don’t just repeat prayers as if the power is in the words, the power of prayer is in the commitment of the intercessor. James 5:16 reminds us that “… The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”