God’s standards for leadership in the church are high. Unfortunately, today many evangelical churches today either deny or ignore those standards. Some congregations and denominations pick and those pastoral qualifications that seem most relevant and appropriate for the times, that satisfy personal preferences and that do not conflict to sharply with contemporary social standards and practices. Lowering standards for those God calls into vocation ministry, and who uniquely represent Him before the world, as well as before the church, is tragic. The church can rarely survive a failure of leadership. Pauls’ theme in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 is to help Timothy understand what to look for in the local church when appointing leadership in the church. It is critical for us to understand that while reviewing these characteristics, These things are already in a follower of Christ, not something that a pastor is to subscribe to, in light of his office. This passage of scripture outlines 5 areas that a man must be viewed as “blameless.” This is the major overriding characteristic outlined in this passage dealing with both, Pastor and deacon. Leadership must be the cream of the crop or they will destroy all that the Lord is attempting to do in the church and the community. These things are given to men to aspire to as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is also essential to understand that no man, if married, can live up to these standards without a wife who supports, and prays for him. It is essential for us to understand these characteristics, and grow toward them. If they church would exalt these qualities in the lives of those who are apart of the church, there would be fewer and fewer scandals associated with church leadership. As a man ask yourselves, whether you are striving to manifest these characteristics in your lives. As a woman, ask yourself is you are doing all you can to allow your husband to develop these things in their lives.