In light of what we have seen in religious circles regarding moral decline, it is essential that the first aspect of the blameless character that needs to be addressed is in the area of morality, in 1 Timothy 3:2b-3. More pastors give into this area than any other, and great is the fall of the pastor, and the church where this happens. The first aspect f this is “a one-woman man, the emphasis here is that literally that he is a (one woman man), while a pastor does not have to be married, he does need to have his moral life under control. Many have made this characteristic about Divorce, but this characteristic is so much more than simply, a Pastor should not be divorced. Its emphasis is in his moral character, and his Commitment to the Lord to be faithful to his covenant to the “wife of his youth” We live in a day and age where so much has come to light regarding the moral lapses in ministry. The man of God, must be careful that he keeps his moral life honorable before the Lord. Women and children need to be confident that the relationship that is being entrusted to leaders will not be violated, by selfish passions. The relationship between Pastor and children must be like that of a father, and a relationship to women must be as a mother (older women) or sister (Younger women). The key with these characteristics seem to be that the leader is one who thinks honorably, and possess the inner strength to refrain from ANY excess that would dull their alertness. Their orderly life, creates trust and respect for the office which they oversee. How about you? Is your life a life that breeds trust and respect? Do you honor those you come into contact with to treat them with respect regardless of age, gender, or Ethnicity? May God develop in your heart a humility that allows you to see people as people and not objects to exploit.