As we think about the return of Jesus, we are not only reminded that the promises of the Word of God demand His return, and that the teaching of Jesus demands that same return, but we see that the Testimony of the Holy Spirit demands the return of the Lord. it is the Holy Spirit who confirmed the testimony of Christ to the disciples, and it was that same Spirit who gave them their expectancy for Christ’s coming. Since the Holy Spirit is the divine author of Scripture it confirms the promise of Christ’s coming (2 Peter 1:20-21). In John 16:13 Jesus tells us that when the Holy Spirit comes, “whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.” It is the testimony of the Holy Spirit through the pens of the men whom He employed as instruments to write the inspired Word of God, what adds a third infallible witness to that of the Father and the Son. Through the inerrant Scriptures, the Holy Spirit is still testifying that Jesus is coming. The reality is that the triune Godhead has come together to provide us hope and help in the midst of the world situations that the Godhead is in control, and is moving things toward the return of Christ to put an end to sin, and to establish His kingdom on the earth. Because the Triune Godhead is at the center of redemption, we can be confident that Jesus will return and fulfill the promises to God.