Jesus is the greatest example of faith who ever lived. As we struggle to stay on the path of faith, we need to “look to Jesus” as our example of staying the course. We must understand that having the right focus is essential to completing any goal successfully. The reason that Jesus is our examples is because he is the “author and finisher of our faith” This means that He is the architect and supreme example of our faith. Jesus provides a balance to those who might otherwise compare themselves to other believers and covet their faith or experiences. He lived His life, “for the joy that was set before Him” When you start thinking that it is too difficult to live the Chrisitan life, consider what is before you at the end of the “race” and it makes your choices easier to maintain, and your “pain in the running” worth the effort. The Christians joy is not relegated on to the future. A great part of our future will be devoted to joyfully praising God, and that is something we can begin doing now. Keep your eyes on the prize and you will find that the life of faith is much easier to run.