Mankind’s bent leans toward war! As the Lamb of God breaks the second seal a red horse goes forth. God’s judgement descends and the short-lived, false peace led by the leadership of the antichrist dissolves in a blood holocaust. John notes that this rider was granted to take peace from the earth. All that happens will be under God’s sovereign control. He allows the false peace, and then He ends it and brings war on the earth, to demonstrate to the world that true peace will only come through the Prince of Peace. It will be demonstrated that the Antichrist will be as skillful at war as he was at promoting the false peace. Daniel 8:24 describes his career as a warrior: “He will destroy to an extraordinary degree and prosper and perform his will; he will destroy mighty men and the holy people.” Why is this important to know? It is a reminder to those of us who follow the Lord that, first or all, Because of the sinfulness of mankind, we will seek to “lord our power” over others. whether that is seen in bullying that takes place in school, workplace, or governmental authorities or the aggression we see on the battlefield. Do not be discourage by the lack of peace that is found in the world, recognize that the problem is the principle of sin as it works out in the hearts and minds of people. When turmoil overtakes our lives, find consolation in the reality that God is in control, and rest in His ability to protect and provide for us in the midst of that turmoil.