In the United States we currently do not know the meaning of famine. Hunger to us, often means that we have skipped a meal. Many of us know nothing of the realities of the depression era, with rampant inflation, and scarce commodities. However, according to Revelation 6:5-6 the third seal, and third horseman of the apocalypse, brings famine. This is the logical consequence of worldwide ware as food supplies are destroyed and those involved in food production are killed. Throughout the Bible God has used famine as a means of judgement in the past, but this will be the most devastating famine in the history of mankind. We take food and plenty for granted in our country, seldom if ever do we have need of want or necessity. We are reminded here that what we enjoy in America is a direct result of the grace and mercy of God. We do not deserve what we have, and we seem to get what we do not deserve. We must never live in a sense of entitlement with what God has allowed us to enjoy, instead we need to grow in humble appreciation for God’s blessing and mercy. The day will come in the future, when God judges this and all mighty nations for the sins they are committing against mankind. Never mistake God’s inactivity to either acceptance or inability. God will punish this country as the blood of multitudes cry out for Him to deal with the injustices and inequities brought on them. We are reminded here, that God has taken notice and will one day (perhaps soon) spring into action. Make sure you are ready for that action!