The book of Revelation is more than a book if judgment and mystery. It is “the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants.” (1:1). One of the key overriding factors that grows out of this letter, is that God is in control of all things that are happening. Many times we get caught up on the details of the book, and we do not see the big picture. We are reminded at the very beginning of this book, that it was given by Father to the Son to show His servants. In Revelation 1:3, there is a blessing presented to all who read and hear the words of this prophecy, and keep these things which are written in it, being reminded that the time is near. The blessing is focused around the reality that God is in control In a world filled with seemingly overwhelming chaos, we can know with certainty that it really is not chaos at all, it is the all fits withing the sovereign control of God. While people believe that they are charting their own destiny, the reality is that while the decision they are making are making, they are totally accountable for, all those decisions fit perfectly in the plan and purpose of God. Nothing can happen outside of that control. As turmoil seems to boil up, as the economy continues to spiral, do not be dismayed. While we can not control all these factors, we can rest in the confidence of the one who can.