With Satan, his demon host, and all God-rejecting sinners out of the way, the millennial kingdom of peace and righteousness will be established. In Revelation 20:4-6, Joh sees the panorama of God’s people resurrected, rewarded, and reigning with Christ. During this time glorified saints (Resurrected followers of Jesus), will both enforce God’s will and adjudicate disputes. The comfort of this passage is seen in the fact that, God has a future plan and purpose for those who choose to follow Him today. Heaven, and eternity is more than simply sitting on clouds strumming a harp, or an eternal Church “worship hour.” God has a plan for each of us in His eternal design. With that plan, is designed a purpose! God does not save us so that we can sit passively as the hours of eternity slowly pass along. God designed us to work and serve Him and each other. Our eternal destiny is designed to give us purpose and design. A final blessing for the participants in the “first resurrection” is that they “will reign with the Lord Jesus Christ for a thousand years,” along with the believers who survived the tribulation. Physically, this time in the history of mankind will be a time when the curse is lifted, when food will be plentiful, and when there will be physical health and well-being leading to long life. Peace is coming my friends, but until then let us endure this “light affliction” (2 Corinthians 4:17).