Revelation 20:7 make you want to say, “WHAT! WHY?!” Why would God release Satan after he has been held in a “prison” for 1000 years? While the Bible does not say specifically, one of the reasons for this could be to manifest the hearts of those born during the Millennial Kingdom. We have a tendency to believe that when we are “good” we are a part of the kingdom of God. The problem is that while associating ourselves with moral people, morality and doing the right things do not make us followers of Jesus Christ. We must recognize that we are a sinner in our heart, and we need to repent of or sin, and accept the sacrifice of Christ as payment for the penalty of our sin. Even in a society where righteousness and grace, people must have a relationship with God. Do you think you are good enough on your own, or are you basing your righteousness on the work of Christ. The time to understand this is now!