We live in a day when the idea of attending church is being questioned. Coming out of the COVID protocols, the church was defined as a non-essential entity. People are saying that they can worship God as well on the beach or the words, as they can in a building made with hands. Why should we attend a place that is being viewed as a social club or organization. Today, we are more interested in being entertained, than we are with learning about God. We need to remember that the primary reason for coming to church is to Meet with God! From the very outset of creation, God established the importance of preparing ourselves to meet God. We need to have a place for that to happen. All the patriarchs of Israel developed alters to meet with God, and the Nation of Israel had the Tabernacle and then the Temple to meet with God. Even after the destruction of the Temple, the nation established synagogues so that they would have a place for the people to meet with God. When we plan to meet with someone, we prepare to make that happen. Today, people are not preparing to meet God, they are hoping to run into Him. Prepare to meet with God, and then go to a place designed to stop and demonstrate our appreciation for all that He has done for us.