What the shepherds saw in the skies near Bethlehem the night of our Savior’s birth was unprecedented in human experience. An Angel, accompanied by a countless multitude of other heavenly messengers, suddenly and unforgettably intervened in the shepherd’s lives. The long-awaited Christ, the Savior of the world, God in human felsh, had just been born in a shelter in nearby Bethlehem. It may be hard to place ourselves into the shepherd’s situation, but they responded to what they saw and heard much the same way as we should respond to far more ordinary events. They had to find out more, and they had to tell others. Even more to the point, the shepherds’ response serves as a good illustration of how people respond in a saving manner to the gospel. As we prepare for December 25th to roll around, take the time today to read and reflect on Luke 2:15-20, and then go and learn of Jesus, and as you learn of Him, tell others with confidence what He has revealed to you through His Word.