In Matthew 2:4, Herrod askes the Chief Priests, and Scribes, “Where will the Christ be born?” They were quick to respond from Micah 5:2 “Bethlehem.” That left everyone with a decision to make. For the Chief Priests and Scribes they made a decision based only on their heads. While Bethlehem, was the spot of the Messiah’s birth, they had no heart to go and see for themselves whether the news they received was of God or not. Second, For Herod, he made a decision made only from the heart (emotion), He wanted this child, who was a threat to his throne, killed. But again, he was not interested in following up the information. Third, for the Wise men, they made their decision with their head and heart, which lead to action (hands). They went to the place where the Messiah was born and worshipped. There is an activation trinity with every opportunity we have before us. We can make our decisions based on our head, but that often leads us to a recognition but no action. We can make our decisions based on our hearts, but that often leads us to a a reaction over a response. It is when we combine our hearts and our heads, that we are led to an appropriate response to the truths that we have received. This Christmas season, allow your head and heart to lead you into the appropriate actions to the truth of the Savior’s Birth.