As we consider Romans 12:1-2 we are reminded that the living sacrifice we are to offer the Lord who died for us is the willingness to surrender to Him all our hopes, plans, and everything that is precious to us, all that is humanly important to us, all that we find fulfilling. The reason for this is because Jesus has already made the only “dead” sacrifice the New Covenant requires, all that remains for worshippers today is the presentation of themselves as living sacrifices. Christians who offer a living sacrifice of themselves usually do not consider it to be a sacrifice, the only things we entirely give up for God are sin and sinful things, which only bring us injury and death. But when we offer God the living sacrifice of ourselves, He does not destroy what we give Him but refines it and purifies it, not only for His glory but for our present and eternal good. The only spiritual service of worship that honors and pleases God is the sincere, loving, thoughtful, and heartfelt devotion and praise of His children.