Think of all the things that the Israelites saw, as God manifested Himself to them in the book of Exodus. 9 plagues, the Passover, the parting of the Red Sea, the destruction of the armies of Egypt, the pillar of fire by night, and the cloud by day, and so much more! Yet, we are reminded in Psalm 95:8 that, they hardened their hearts to what God not only could do, but what He was doing. It is easy to get down on them for this, but we often do similar. Knowledge of truth in and of itself, does not equal spiritual growth and development. Unless our knowledge results in our conforming into the image of Christ, our knowledge is useless. Knowledge without humility leads to pride and destruction. Facts, data, information, and intelligence cannot be equated with spiritual maturity. Truth that fails to change our lives and behavior may in fact be hurtful, hardening us instead of bringing us to maturity. As you learn the truth of the Word of God, you need to take time to pause and reflect on its impact in your heart, and life. While it is true that we may not follow what we know, we will never follow what we don’t know. Take time to reflect on God’s Word today.