In Ephesians 4:1 Paul tells us that we need to walk worthy of the vocation we are called. He then begins to discribe what that looks like and the first description is that of humility. Humility is genuine submissiveness that comes from an association with Jesus Christ. A Christian can know a lot of doctrine, memorize Bible verses, be faithful to the church, and be involved in many Christian activities, but not be walking in humility. Humility is hard to come by because it begins only when we honestly face ourselves. Bernard said, Humility is the virtue by which man becomes conscious of his own unworthiness. Many people stroll through life behind a veneer of pride because they don’t have the courage to look at themselves and see who they really are – sinners who need Jesus Christ. We may look outstanding compared to the alcoholic who lives down the street, but godless neighbors are not the believer’s standard, our standard is Jesus Christ. Humility is not thinking less of ourselves than we are, but it is a willingness to accept who we are and become all we are able to be in light of the gifts, talents, and abilities we have been given. We recognize that we have been given the ability to learn and grow and it is our privilege to develop our gifts and abilities and talents to bring glory to the God who has entrusted them to us. I do not have to be as good as you, only as good as I am able to be before God.