As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are commanded to proclaim the word (2 Timothy 4:2). The idea here is to make the word of God practical in the lives of people. While the Bible was written millennia ago, because God does not change, it is as applicable to our lives as it was the day it was written. Each of us has situations and circumstances that are different, and that we battle with on an ongoing basis, but the reality is that the Word of God gives us answers to the day to day circumstances of our lives. In order to maintain that relevance to our situations, we need to invest time in studying and understanding our situations. While the application of God’s word is different in the day we live, the content does not. God has not changed his position, it is the proclaimers responsibility to not only understand those principles and precepts but to first of all put them in practice in their own lives. As you read your Bible, ask yourself what God wants you to understand and do each day. Allow the Word of God to help you grow and change.