Facing bitter circumstances is an important step in our journey. It requires courage and authenticity to acknowledge the painful aspects of living in this sin-cursed world. Yet there is a corresponding depth of relationship with Jesus available to all who will be honest about the struggle. As a minister of the gospel, I have been called upon to minister to people whose circumstances will not improve in this life apart from a miraculous intervention from God. At such times the bitter circumstances of what they are facing is strong and pungent. 1 Peter reminds us that trials are only for “a little while” the problem with some trials are that they last for the rest of our lives here on earth. We do not always think about the sweetness of heaven when things are going well. However, when our lives are filled with bitter herbs, our hope of heaven can and must be our sweet refuge. Hard roads can actually be good if they lead to delightful destinations. Today, we are reminded that bitter circumstances will enable us to appreciate the promises of God, and see the mighty hand of God at work. We can rest in that understanding.