One of the most amazing statements in Scripture is uttered in Matthew 28:6. It is made to the women who come to the bomb to anoint the body of Jesus. Arriving to the empty tomb an angel says to them, “He is not here; for His is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.” The empty tomb is the proof that the death of Christ was sufficient to take away our sin. Jesus began teaching he disciples back in Matthew 16:21 that he would raise from the dead three days after his death. The resurrection demonstrated that Jesus was who He said, and that He truly had the power over death. 1 Corinthians 15 gives a vivid apologetic for the resurrection and its power. We are reminded every Easter/Passover season, that Jesus has the ability to transform us from death to life. We do not earn our transformation, it is imputed to us by the Power of Christ. Our service to the Lord is out of gratitude for that transformation, not to gain merit either for salvation, or for our service. God does not owe us for what we do to serve Him, we serve Him because of how much we truly appreciate what He has and is doing for us. Today as you reflect on your transformation in Christ, learn to be grateful to our Lord for opening your eyes to the power of the resurrection in making you free from the bondage of sin.