Many people misunderstand our service, and it is important that we understand the lessons of service. As Jesus serve the disciples by washing their feet in John 13 he received opposition from a strange source – Peter. In verse 6 Peter criticized Jesus ministry by saying, “Why are you washing my feet?” For Peter the question was one of misunderstanding, he knew that he should be doing it for Jesus not vice versa, but the criticism was still there. We first of all need to understand that people will often question our motives as we serve, it is key that we understand why we are doing what we do, and let go with the criticism. Second, in verse 8, Peter objected to that ministry of Jesus. Sometimes people will not allow us to serve them. Our heart is right, our desire is there, but they just will not allow us to serve them as they need. When that happens don’t be discouraged, remember God looks at the heart more than the action. And finally we must be able to work through Flattery. In John 13:9 Peter went over and above. Some people may attempt to sway us from our course by flattery, This is a compliment with hidden motives. Don’t allow yourself to become proud, in your service, and always remember that we do what we do because the Lord has enabled us to be in a position to do it.