Hebrews 11 and 12 are the faith chapters of the Bible. Chapter 11 gives a general definition of faith, and a slew of Old Testament examples. God has supplied us with examples from the past so that we might be encouraged and have hope when we see how these very real people were able to handle their anxieties. Chapter 12 of Hebrews sums up the principles of living by faith. Living by faith is not a matter of making choices based on “feelings.” Living by faith means to make our decisions upon the clear teaching of the Word of God, knowing that the results of those choices of faith are done to bring glory to the Lord. George Muller once said, “Were faith begins, anxiety ends, and where anxiety begins, faith ends.” We can believe that he knew what he was talking about. Your faith in God’s word will never lose its reward, turn to God’s Word to find perspective in the circumstances of your life.