In Revelation 19:15-16, the rule of the king is described in graphic, powerful imagery. As Jesus comes out of heaven, to oppose His enemies, He will speak the words and the battle is over. So powerful is the Lord that no one can oppose Him and stop His rule. As we consider this passage, I am reminded that this is the same Jesus who intercedes for me today, and who has become my advocate before the Father when I fail. He is the mighty one who has redeemed me and set me free from my sin. He alone has the power and authority to transform me from darkness and into the light. This same Jesus, who was meek and lowly, and died on the cross, will one day demonstrate His mighty power by coming and establishing His kingdom with a mere shout of victory. As you face the struggles of today, understand that you have a great God who will see you through. He may not have demonstrated His complete power yet, but we can trust that He can and will see us through, because He has the right, desire, and ability to do so.